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Olexi Nykolaiv is an electronic music artist and composer from Kyiv, Ukraine, based in Hamburg, Germany. Having classical piano and composition training from his earliest years, he learned electronic music by himself. His work is influenced by baroque, rococo and late Romantic music, techno, hyperpop, psychedelic rock, hip hop, free jazz and European avant garde. His artistic style refers to existentialist philosophy, Enlightenment and trans humanist ideas, Orthodox iconography, Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, religious and mythological belief systems.

His music has been involved in a wide range of events from different contexts. He played live electronics at Unerhörte Musik BKA in Berlin (2023), and Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg (2022), and was a participant of Villa Concordia artist-in-residence program in Bamberg, Germany. Before that, in Kyiv, his music was performed within an underground community ГУЛ, while also being mentioned in a Ukrainian-speaking musical and cultural podcast АШОШ. Also, In 2018, he took the grand prix of Concours Musical de France, as a pianist, having a piece of his music in his program. Later, while composing and performing music by himself, he also studied philosophy at Taras Shevchenko University Kyiv, where he developed the topic of African philosophical traditions.



Olexi Nykolaiv took part within a platform PROTÉGÉ, where a famous hip-hop producer Ambezza marked his profile as one of his top young artists, warmly commenting on Olexi's work: “...I really like this music, I think it’s superabstract, there’s a lot of tension and atmosphere behind it”.

Prof. Jeremias Schwarzer, a German woodwind performer, described Olexi Nykolaiv’s music as “powerful and original”, also mentioning that “...when we first met in Berlin, his ideas and artistic intentions were immediately inspiring: with unique means, Olexi Nykolaiv works on artistic ideas, for the description of which he often uses synaesthetic images and transdisciplinary meta-themes”.

Alexey Shmurak, a composer and a public educator, included a track by Olexi Nykolaiv into the material of his lecture about modern Ukrainian music, commenting that “ rocks you while also having complex and intricate rhythm”, “’s very lithe and heart-centered”.

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