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English translation

Just a regular story: “To find love”.

But she had a habit to always achieve the highest quality in everything she did; and this search gradually became long. 

She reached a whole huge desert - somewhere to the south,

And there she lay down on the sand.

Pulled out and drank a special liquid: so-called “white water” - its taste was nauseating, - and then, she looked up at the sky and started to watch what she saw.

On it she immediately saw a projection of sand dunes: the lightning-like event.

It was obvious: this is the desert event, some sort of a handshake with the claw of a little scorpion.

… The dunes are plodding through the desert, like monks in cloaks,

Reading of the place where the Sun will stop them.

The Moving Dunes, they lie down on The Unmoving Sands - a regular yet horrible event; death that is not different from life in its purest quality.

And at night, the dunes do jump… here and there.

(From the last fact, by the way, the kids' game emerged long ago:

In "Oyo-corpus," you might find a description of such a kids' game:

“To start, you need several green hills and a skeleton with a pipe in his mouth. You must put a green cloth shirt on the skeleton, and he will rise and take turns coming up and asking participants one by one: “Where is what I’m looking for?”; and you must help him with your directions”)

A sight out of a window with a candle betwixt you and it: this is the tool of reversed perspective technique.

For example, there is a lake over there… but it will never spray out on you with its waters,

‘cause this lake is caged within the world much more real than the place where you are!


Everything happening was iconographically,

No sight out of, but “under” and “underneath”, down to the bottom!


And suddenly she spotted a spectacular Procession that was approaching her across the desert!

Lions and camels

And numerous people, unusually thin and tall, “the whirls from dunes”, all dressed in long soft white garments.

And some river formed a tail behind them – it was gradually appearing as they were walking further.

And along the edges went the lions and camels.

And their King was there! He walked in front.

Long white desert garment, and beads and jewelry of precious stones: all over him and all the others. 

He was holding a small article in his hand, that resembled a slingshot, with the finest weave of strings and pieces of thick tree bark between two retaining sections.


The sun became dark blue, and the night began. The golden light that previously came from the Sun, it didn't disappear, but only changed its source.. and began to hit out of the sand below.

The reflex of this special light now shone tender blue and violet on the King’s body, and it all resembled a hollow membrane or shell, or a defenseless sound … with true fire in its physics, in its harmonics, the bare fire of dry leaves (in autumn wilderness, etc…), where you can even drag out a whole heat-treated horseshoe, to your surprise! Then, the desert sand was sparkling in iridescence, and the reflections on the King’s body became pearlescent and fluidly – gleams of water on the wall in a sea grotto... Need I even say that by this point he undressed completely? …And everybody saw the mechanisms, built right in his own strong physique. He feels hot at night.

The king approached her, and all the procession ceased to move forward, eventually having merged with the sands.

While the lions got each by a third eye and went into their home or spring, a big crater nearby, with clouds of thick steam billowing from it.

Next he came up to her and they talked; they talked thus:

He said:

“We, our tribe, we’re looking for a crater that would give birth to an infinite number of lions, in this desert.

As you can see, lions and spears are expendable items here.

The crater is the candle, the crater is for veneration.

This is a celebration and a solemn event, so we walk in procession…

Which builds the system of rivers, too.

One day, when the river irrigates everything, the desert will disappear,

And we’ll need to find a new one then,

we’ll need to go down south and master their mouth-clicks: they say, you can hunt birds with those special unique mouth-clicks in those lands”

She responded:

“I love you”

He continued:

“...let's go see where I live, then”

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